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What is Tanzu Application Platform (TAP)?

I wrote a blog post earlier to introduce TAP v0.1 and setup on an AKS Cluster, Refer this link to know about TAP.

What’s New in TAP v0.2?

TAP v0.2 introduced several new components that helps to setup secure software supply chain. Here are the list of components and what are their purpose. …

In this post, i will discuss the process to enable content trust in a harbor registry that comes in VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid extension bundle.


If you are new to Content Trust, here is a good one to take a look at

Docker Content Trust is based on Notary and…

In this post, i will explain some of the key points on what happens when vSphere with Tanzu license expired.

Source -> VMware Doc

If the evaluation period of a Supervisor Cluster expires, or the Tanzu edition license expires

As a vSphere administrator you cannot:

  1. create any new namespaces on the Supervisor Cluster
  2. update the Kubernetes version of the cluster.

As a DevOps engineer, you cannot:

  1. create new vSphere Pods, VMs, and Tanzu Kubernetes clusters
  2. You cannot update the configuration of the existing Tanzu Kubernetes clusters, such as adding new nodes.

However, workloads that are already deployed on TKG clusters continue their normal operation and you can deploy new workloads on the existing Tanzu Kubernetes clusters.

Source -> VMware Doc

By default when we provision a TKG management cluster, it creates only one worker node and we might need to scale the number of worker node for different purposes. It was bit of troubles finding this and i thought to make it simple for you.

Steps to scale worker nodes in a TKG management cluster

First, access the management cluster…

Source-> VMware doc

What is Tanzu Application Platform (TAP)?

Tanzu Application Platform is a packaged set of components that helps developers and operators to more easily build, deploy, and manage apps on a Kubernetes platform. Currently its v0.1 version released as Beta.

TAP Components

  1. Application Accelerator for VMware Tanzu (Beta)
  2. Application Live View for VMware Tanzu (Beta)
  3. Cloud Native Runtimes for…

Before i talk about the procedure to enable gVisor in a TKG cluster worker nodes, let us understand what is container sandboxing.

Traditional Linux containers are not sandboxes, What does that mean?

Source: https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/identity-security/open-sourcing-gvisor-a-sandboxed-container-runtime

So, this means that the containers running on a worker nodes can directly make a call to linux kernel.

Sandboxed containers with gVisor

Dinesh Tripathi-Modern Apps with VMware Tanzu

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